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  • Mike Corso

The Impact of Pesticides on Children's Health: What You Need to Know

Photo of children in preschool on webpage about pesticides and children

An April, 2024 Consumer Reports study revealed concerning levels of pesticides in various U.S. produce, raising health and safety alarms. The report highlights the presence of banned pesticides and the dangers of “regrettable substitutions” where one harmful pesticide is replaced by another potentially worse. This has led to a rigorous reevaluation of acceptable pesticide limits to better protect consumers, particularly vulnerable populations like children and pregnant individuals.

Photo of organic fruit and vegetables on Harrison Newark Montessori School website featuring article about pesticides and children

As the visionary leader in early childhood education and care, Harrison Newark Montessori School is very aware of the harmful effect of pesticides on children and has chosen to serve exclusively organic and/or GMO free foods and ingredients with catering partner, Purely Plated Organic, we are proud to distinguish our high level of care and commitment to provide organic, scratch-made meals and snacks for our enrolled children. This collaboration underscores Harrison Newark Montessori School’s commitment to offering not only top-tier educational opportunities but also a safe, nutritious dietary environment that supports overall wellness and development.

Harrison Newark Montessori School invites parents who value both educational excellence and nutritional health to explore our programs. Tour our school and see how enrolling at Harrison Newark Montessori School can give your child the best start in life, both academically and nutritionally. Discover more about our approach and offerings by contacting our admissions office directly. Join us in nurturing the next generation of learners in a safe, enriching environment.

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